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3 Idiots to 12th Fail: Decoding how Hindi cinema raised relevant questions on the Indian education system.

3 Idiots to 12th Fail: How Bollywood Raised Questions on Indian Education System!
3 Idiots to 12th Fail: How Bollywood Raised Questions on Indian Education System!

3 Idiots to 12th Fail: 12th Fail is being hailed by movie critics and cinephiles for its emotional narrative and artistry. The film based on Indian education system is being praised for depicting the current situation of Indian students and the psychological impact of cut-throat competition on society. Vidhu Vinod Chopra is receiving laurels for his directorial inspired by such sensitive topic that is the very essence of survival of the middle-class households. The filmmaker had previously even produced Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots that showcased how the parents and peer pressure affected students in engineering colleges. With both 3 Idiots and 12th Fail audiences saw a reflection of their own families, relatives, mentors and peers. The movies definitely paved the way for honest discussions on the future of education.



12th Fail shows the journey of a young man who is not as privileged as his friends and batchmates. He is trying hard to study and clear the exams despite of having limited basic needs and opportunities. The film throws light on how with sheer determination it is possible to pursue your passion and goals. However, 12th Fail does emphasize on the challenges and obstacles and how it is not easier for anyone within the prevailing system to easily achieve academic success. The grind and frustrations shown in the movie is the story of every Indian student and college aspirant. Apart from the acting prowess and engaging direction, the soul of the film is the emotional story of Vikrant Massey’ character who will leave no stones unturned in order get ahead in life irrespective of the disappointments and hurdles in his life.


On the other hand, 3 Idiots is well known for its All Is Well song which is also the main slogan of the lead characters. In-spite of being a slice-of-life entertainer, the Rajkumar Hirani’s film also touches upon some uncomfortable topics like students’ suicide, college harassment and much more. However, the main aspect of the movie is the pressure on students by their parents, teachers and the society. Be it choosing a career, scoring marks or lifestyle, everything is governed by the social norms. Although, having Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor does create enough moments for a commercial entertainer, the very heart of the film lies in the message about living your dreams. 3 Idiots became a rage as it managed to strike a right balance between entertainment quotient and social message in cinema. Its idea of pursuing excellence rather than success, resonated with the masses.

Apart from 3 Idiots and 12th Fail, movies like Taare Zameen Par, Nil Battey Sannata and Chhichhore raised relevant questions on the scenario of teaching and education in India.

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