Wednesday, November 29

300 rupees are being given to exchange Rs 2000 note! RBI got suspicious and started investigation – The Daily Connection

The deadline for exchanging Rs 2000 notes has ended on 7th October. But there is still a state in the country where there is a crowd at the counters of the Reserve Bank of India to exchange Rs 2000 notes. What’s more, people are also being asked to pay Rs 300 to stand in line to exchange Rs 2000 notes.

The matter is of Odisha. When there was doubt about the matter, the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of Odisha Police interrogated the people standing in the queue to exchange Rs 2,000 notes at the Reserve Bank of India counter and wanted to know whether they were working as agents of other people. Actually the money is not being changed. A Reserve Bank official gave this information.

300 rupees being given for exchanging notes!

In fact, in some media reports, it was said that some people have been paid and employed to exchange Rs 2,000 notes, after which the EOW team reached RBI here on Wednesday. It was said in media reports that Rs 30000 are being given to those who exchange notes up to Rs 20,000 at the RBI counter. According to the EOW officer, there were reports in the media that some people have been employed to go to the RBI counter and exchange Rs 2,000 notes. When this matter became suspicious, the officials verified the Aadhaar cards of the people standing in the queue to exchange notes and also took information about their activities. When it was investigated, it was found that people were carrying two thousand rupee notes. Another officer said that some people standing in the queue were seen carrying ten notes of two thousand rupees.

When suspicion increased, investigation started

Seeing increasing suspicion in the whole matter, the officials thought that how could it be possible that most of the people in the queue had exactly ten notes of Rs 2,000 each? There is scope for doubt whether the people standing in the queue are getting their own notes exchanged or whether they are getting the notes exchanged on someone else’s behalf. Apart from interrogating the people standing in the queue, EOW officials also examined the CCTV footage of RBI.

what did rbi say

Meanwhile, RBI Regional Director SP Mohanty said, no EOW official met me. They might be wanting to get information about the people queuing up. If any investigating agency wants any kind of clarification, we will cooperate fully. When asked why people are not depositing Rs 2,000 in their bank accounts instead of standing in queue at the counter, the Regional Director of RBI said that Both facilities are available. An official said that they are receiving Rs 2,000 notes worth Rs 2 crore every day, of which about 95 per cent are being exchanged, and only five per cent are being deposited in bank accounts.