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5 ways to save petrol and diesel, thousands of rupees will be saved this way

Daily updating of your vehicle and bearing the expenses of petrol and diesel has become a difficult and expensive task. There is a need that you can drive your car and also save fuel. Therefore, today we will tell you some ways to save fuel and also improve the mileage of your car. With their help, you can save your fuel and save several thousand rupees on petrol and diesel.

Pay attention to speed limit

If you drive your car carefully, then both your car’s mileage and engine work better. In such a situation, it is important to use the gear, brake and clutch properly. Driving a car with your foot continuously on the clutch can also prove to be harmful, it affects both the mileage and the engine. Try to keep the speed limit of the car 60 to 80 kilometers per hour.

time to time service

It is very important to service both car and bike from time to time. If you ignore small problems in your car, then its effect can cause big problems in the future. Due to this you can also get a big slap.

tire pressure

If there is less air in the tires of your car, then the engine has to use more power to run the car, there is more load on it, which affects the fuel. In such a situation, it is important that you keep chucking all the four tires of your car from time to time, if there is less air in them then get air filled in them immediately.

Effect of AC on fuel

If you keep the AC running continuously in the car without any need, then it can affect the fuel of your car. If you want to save your fuel, you can save 20 percent fuel by reducing the use of AC or not running it at all. For example, if the weather is fine these days, even if you do not run the AC, your work can still go on and your fuel can also be saved by this.

Car engine stops at red light

If there is traffic in your area, then keep one thing in mind that you should switch off the car engine at red light. If you switch off the engine even during the time you have to stand in a traffic jam, it can have a huge impact.

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