A soldier entered Netflix’s server room, why did Shahrukh Khan threaten to blow it up with a bomb? – The Daily Connection

Today is the birthday of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. The view outside Mannat on Shahrukh’s birthday is worth seeing. Every year King Khan comes to Mannat’s balcony to meet his fans and thank everyone for their love. Delhi-born Shahrukh Khan is today a shining star of Hindi cinema. Everything has failed in front of Shahrukh’s stardom. This year, King Khan brought back the charm of theaters with his two films.

Shahrukh broke all the box office records through Pathan and Jawan. Meanwhile, after ruling the theaters for more than 50 days, Jawan is now going to be released on OTT. Shahrukh has announced this in a very special way. The superstar has shared a video with Netflix. In which Shahrukh is seen reaching the server room of Netflix and threatening to blow it up with a bomb.

Actually, Shahrukh along with his girl gang captures the server room of Netflix and asks his team to release Jawan within two minutes. However, even after completing his point, Shahrukh blasts. But as soon as the bomb explodes, the banner of Happy Birthday opens. This video is a special gift for Shahrukh’s fans. Also in its caption, King Khan has written that it is the birthday of a young man but the gift is for everyone, we are very, very good.

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Now you can watch Shahrukh Khan’s blockbuster film Jawan with Uncut on Netflix. Jawan is the biggest hit film of Shahrukh’s career. This film has dominated Hindi cinema. This film surprised everyone by doing a worldwide business of more than 1100 crores. Nayanthara is in the lead role in the film and Deepika Padukone’s cameo is also tremendous.

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