After the death of his son, this close friend of Anupama will get a heart attack, a mountain of sorrow will break. – The Daily Connection

A mountain of sorrow will fall on AnupamaImage Credit source: Star Plus

In Star Plus’ TV serial ‘Anupama’ we saw that Anupama is completely broken after the death of her son Samar. Anupama, along with her first husband Vanraj, is making every possible effort to get justice for her dead son. But once again a mountain of sorrow is going to fall on Anupama. Now the fans of this famous TV serial are very curious to know how Anupama will handle herself with all these difficulties and how her husband Anuj will support her in these difficulties.

Actually, after getting justice for her son Samar, Anupama is going to move to America to fulfill her dreams. But before Anupama goes to America, Vanraj will decide to leave his house (Shah House) and go to a far away rehabilitation center. Ba will strongly oppose his decision. She will say that now Vanraj should take care of Kavya while thinking about his upcoming child, but Anurag will ignore her words. After losing her beloved grandson, on one hand Anupama going to America, on the other hand her son entering the rehabilitation center, Baa will not be able to bear it.

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Baa will have a heart attack

Soon ‘Anupama‘ In this we will see that Baa will have a heart attack. Anupama will not be able to see the condition of Baa, who loves her like a daughter despite being a mother-in-law. But will Baa leave Anupama alone in this world like her son Samar, or will Anupama once again bid goodbye to her dream of going to America and decide to live in India to take care of her, it is now known. It has not been clear till now. But there will be no dearth of twists in Anupama’s life, this is being completely taken care of by the channel and the makers.

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