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Angelo Mathews was already on the pitch and his final preparation before taking strike again Shakib al Hassan, his helmet strap broke just as he was tightening around the chin.

Angelo Mathews: Timed out
Angelo Mathews

New Delhi: The World Cup is at its last week of the league stage and there are two important things at stake, one is to obviously qualify for the semifinals where two spots are still vacant, and the other is qualification for the champions trophy in 2025 in Pakistan.

And if this world Cup did not have much spice except host India dominating all teams completely, Bangladesh captain Shakib ul Hasan added by appealing against Angelo Mathews who was late in taking strike at the fall of Sri Lanka’s fourth wicket and his appeal was upheld and for the first time in the history of cricket Angelo Mathews was given timed out.

What is timed out? Law 40.1 states that after the fall of a wicket or the retirement of a batter, the incoming batter must be ready to receive the ball or for the other batter to be ready to receive the next ball within 2 minutes of the dismissal of the previous better or retirement.

If this requirement is not met, the incoming batter will be given out, which is called as Timed out. We all know the rivalry which has been existing between Srilanka and Bangladesh which started in the Asia Cup in Srilanka four years back but that it would take this turn today nobody expected it as both teams were almost knocked out of the World cup with Srilanka having won two games and Bangladesh having won just one game.

At fall of the fourth Srilankan wicket, Angelo Mathews was already on the pitch and his final preparation before taking strike again Shakib al Hassan, his helmet strap broke just as he was tightening around the chin. Mathews called in for a replacement helmet which was bought in by the 12th man Chamika Karunaratnea. The Bangladeshi skipper Shakib had a word with the umpire Marais Erasmus which was an appeal that Mathews was not ready to take strike.

The umpire asked Shakib, ‘Are you serious, at which Shakib said he was, the umpire again asked are u serious, Shakib said yes again and within the laws of the game Angelo Mathews was given out, which in cricketing laws is Timed out. The umpire declared AngeloMathews out as he was not ready to take strike within the stipulated time. Well, this sounds absurd, but this is what actually happened. Mathews did plead his cause requesting both the umpire and the Bangladeshi captain but to no respite. He stormed back to the pavilion throwing his bat and gear in anger showcasing his anger.

The drama was not to end there. Due to the dew, the ball had become wet like a soap bar and the frustrated Srilankan team wanted the ball to be changed and all the Sri Lankan players charged on to the umpire for a ball change, but it did not happen. But finally, when Angelo Mathews got the wicket of Shakib ul Hassan, he pointed at his wrist and gave a send-off to Shakib saying it’s time to go.

Cricket is known to be a gentlemen’s game and if getting player out doing a Mankad was not enough, today Angelo Mathews given out as Timed out gave a sorry message to youngsters watching the game. Yes, there are rules in cricket, and it needs to be followed but appealing for a wicket for him being late left a sour taste.

I feel it was against the spirt of the game even though the fielding team was running late in completing the overs. This world cup has seen some terrific cricket specially from team India and so many players, but this is the last thing one wanted to see, a batsman given timed out.

(By Anis Sajan, Cricket Enthusiast and Businessman based in Dubai)

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