As soon as Navratri ends, onion prices go up, price reaches Rs 70 – The Daily Connection

As soon as Navratri is over, onion sets are on fire. Onion prices have reached Rs 70 in the country’s capital Delhi. According to the Economic Times report, the wholesale price of onion in Maharashtra’s Lasalgaon APMC has increased by 58 percent in the last 15 days, the main reason for which is the reduction in the total sown area in Maharashtra. In the last week alone, onion prices have increased by 18 percent.

As of Tuesday, the average price of onion in Lasalgaon market was Rs 38 per kg, which is 58 percent higher than Rs 24 per kg two weeks ago. Earlier, the price of tomatoes had skyrocketed in the months of July and August. Due to which common people had to face a lot of trouble. Due to inflation, the government had started facing problems. Now Onion is preparing to make you cry.

Onions reach Rs 70 in Delhi

Retail prices of onion have increased by 25-50 percent in the country’s capital Delhi. At present onion is being sold at Rs 50-70 per kg. On Wednesday, the highest price of good quality onion reached Rs 50 per kg in some markets of Delhi as well as Maharashtra. In Ahmednagar, the average onion prices have increased from around Rs 35 per kg to Rs 45 per kg in 10 days. Similarly, wholesale onion prices in most onion producing districts of Maharashtra are now between Rs 45 to Rs 48 per kg.

Prices expected to rise

The report said that onion prices are expected to increase till December, and there is also a delay in the arrival of the new Kharif crop, which is expected to arrive with a delay of about two months. The decreasing arrival of onion in the markets is the main reason for the increase in onion prices. Over the past fortnight, arrivals of stored onions have declined by nearly 40 per cent, from around 400 vehicles per day (10 tonnes each) to around 250 vehicles, the report said.

Two months delay in new onions

Speaking to ET, Nandkumar Shirke, president of onion traders association of Ahmednagar district, said this situation is expected to persist as the arrival of new red onions from the Kharif season is delayed by about two months. On August 25, the central government had imposed 40 percent duty on onion export. Additionally, the government started selling onions purchased by NAFED in the wholesale markets at below prevailing market rates to curb rising prices.


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