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Diabetes And Infertility in Men: Diabetes can have a negative impact on the reproductive system in addition to heart risk, kidney damage, obesity, and other major medical disorders.

Diabetes and Infertility in Men
Can Diabetes Cause Infertility in Men? Expert Speaks

Diabetes And Infertility: Diabetes is a long-term medical disorder. There are two primary causes: either the pancreas produces insufficient amounts of insulin, or the body’s cells do not respond to insulin produced in a sufficient manner. You can combat the issue and make it easier on yourself if you maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent exercise and a balanced diet. It’s important to maintain control over your blood glucose levels. But when you plan to have children, it becomes much more important. The influence of diabetes on fertility is not well known. got in touch with Dr Manu Gupta, Senior Consultant Urology and Andrology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and First Step IVF Clinic, Delhi to discuss the relationship between diabetes and infertility.

“Males have a higher risk of developing diabetes and infertility. Diabetes directly affects a person’s ability to conceive. There are different ways that diabetes can affect the quantity and quality of sperm, ” the doctor said.

How Does Diabetes Cause Infertility in Men?

Males are more likely than females to become infertile. You must, therefore, regularly monitor your blood glucose levels. “The sperm DNA is harmed by oxidative stress resulting from elevated glucose levels, which is the scientific explanation for the same. As a result, DNA breaks and becomes damaged. This results in the cells dying naturally, which makes it harder for men to conceive with their partners, added Dr Manu Gupta.

Did you know diabetes is one of the main factors that kills sexual drive since high blood glucose also lowers testosterone, a hormone that controls male sexual drive? Retrograde Ejaculation is another ailment that impairs male fertility. The expert explained that it prevents men from processing sperm during a full-fledged ejaculation since the semen goes back to the bladder rather than ejaculating normally during sexual activity. The ejaculated sperm count is nonetheless low even though the sperm count in the semen may be normal. The nerve damage prevents them from tightening and, thus causing the ejaculated semen to return to the bladder.

“Moreover, Uncontrolled diabetes can impact the nerves and tiny blood vessels that lead to ejaculation, which can result in erectile dysfunction, ” concluded the health expert.

How to Manage Your Diabetes to Treat Infertility?

With Medication, maintaining a healthy weight, and lifestyle, doing regular exercise and going for regular health checkups, you can control diabetes. In case you are unable to conceive naturally, you have the option to follow the scientific and medical methods. When it comes to treating infertility problems, in-vitro fertilisation, or IVF as it is commonly known, is an extremely successful treatment. During an in vitro fertilization (IVF) using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a woman’s uterus is planted with an embryo created by injecting a healthy sperm into an egg.

Speak to your fertility expert about your possibilities for conception if you have diabetes and want to start or expand your family. You can still become a father if you take good care of your health.