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While driving on the road, it is important that the position of the headlamp is correct. This ensures the safety of not only you but also the people walking in the oncoming traffic. If the headlamps are set incorrectly, there may be a problem with visibility. Therefore, it is better that you drive the car with low beam. However, car companies provide you levelers to change the position of the headlamp. Through this you can change the beam of light as per your convenience.

Setting of headlamp leveler is necessary so that the light emanating from the headlamp falls at the right place on the road. If headlamp If not set properly, it can cause many problems.

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Loss due to incorrect setting

These problems can occur due to improper setting of headlamps-

Blinding drivers in front: If the headlamps are too high, it can cause problems in seeing the drivers coming from the front. This may increase the risk of accident.

Absence of proper lighting on the road: If the headlamps are too low, it will not provide the necessary light on the road. This can make driving difficult and increase the risk of accidents.

It is important to check the setting of the headlamp leveler from time to time, especially if you have changed tires or made any other major changes to your car.

Headlamp Leveler Setting: Set the correct number like this

A leveler is used to set the beam of the headlamp. It is near the driver seat in your car. Usually it is like a knob, which has some numbers. You may find numbers 0-4 or 0-5 on the knob. With this you can set the beam of light.

Keep it set to 0 when you’re alone in the car. As more people sit in the car, you will have to take the headlamp leveler to a higher number. For this you can see the car manual. There may be differences in level settings in different cars.

Overall, the more weight increases in the car, the more the car will lean backwards. Due to this the direction of the beam also changes. If there are more people or weight, you have to increase the number with the knob.

Advantages of Automatic Headlamp Leveler

This problem does not occur in automatic headlamp leveler. Sensors detect the weight inside the car. If the impact due to weight exceeds the prescribed limit then this beam changes automatically.

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