Wednesday, November 29

Electric vehicles are a boon in smog pollution, try these methods for better range than before. – The Daily Connection

Winter has started in India, and the smog has also started increasing rapidly. Seeing so much pollution and smog, even the Air Quality Index (AQI) gets worried. The AQI level of many cities of North India including Delhi-NCR has become serious. Pollution is a big problem all over the world. To stop this, work needs to be done at many levels. Electric vehicles can be used to reduce air pollution. Green Mobility: EVs can play an important role in keeping the environment clean and hygienic.

Sales of electric cars are increasing in India. Some people may definitely have problems regarding their range. The price of electric cars is also a bit expensive. Many people because of the range Electric Car Hesitant to buy. There are some ways through which the range of electric vehicles can be improved. By following the tips mentioned here, you can also improve the range of your EV.

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EV Range: Increase the range of electric car like this

Range depends on the battery pack, weight and size of your vehicle. You just have to maintain a better driving style so that the EV can give good range. By following these tips you can get a good range.

Acceleration: Acceleration too fast and aggressively can spoil the mileage of any vehicle. Even in electric, if you accelerate without thinking, the range will be reduced. For better range, acceleration should be done smoothly and eco mode should be used for automatic change in driving speed.

Driving Speed: The speed of your vehicle also plays an important role in giving range. If you drive the EV at too high a speed, the battery may drain quickly. If the speed is high then air pressure is exerted and energy is released from the battery. Speed ​​more than 95 km per hour should be avoided.

break: Electric vehicles come with regenerative braking. Under this, when brakes are applied, the battery is also charged. Apart from this, some vehicles also come with old style braking system. To save battery, you should avoid applying brakes continuously and applying excessive pressure on the brake pedal.

Tire: If there is less air in the tire of the vehicle then more battery is consumed. Therefore, it is important to have correct air pressure in the tires of the EV. You should keep checking the air pressure, because with the right pressure you also get the right range.

Journey Plan: If you are thinking of going somewhere, plan it in advance. With this you will know the correct route and traffic etc. If you go without preparation, you may have to travel on other routes, due to which the battery will be wasted unnecessarily.

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