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Exclusive: Why does Bigg Boss contestant Manasvi Mamgai consider herself a ‘trump card’, said – The Daily Connection

Exclusive: Bigg Boss 17’s wild card entry Manasvi Mamgai seems to be afraid of everything, says there are advantages and disadvantages too Image Credit source: Social Media

Along with Isha Malviya’s boyfriend Samarth Jurel, ‘Femina Miss India World 2010’ Manasvi Mamgai has also entered Salman Khan’s TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. In a special conversation with NewsNCR Hindi Digital, Manasvi said, “I am a strong contestant. Whenever you go to play a card game, the stronger card is dealt later, which is also called the trump card. I am that trump card of Bigg Boss. Which was not shown in the beginning. I was just waiting for the right opportunity and now is the right time to show my talent.”

Manasvi believes that there are some advantages and disadvantages of going to Bigg Boss house as a ‘wild card’. Talking about her fear, Manasvi said, “The advantage is that now I understand the game, I have seen everyone. Now I have started understanding the contestants. Talking about the disadvantages, my only fear is that it may take time for me to settle down in Bigg Boss house and bond with everyone. But I am ready for this also.”

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Manasvi lived in America

Manasvi was in Los Angeles, America, when she Big Boss Got a call for. Manasvi said, “When I got the call from Bigg Boss, I found the concept very interesting and I wanted to come to India for a long time due to personal reasons. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to make a comeback. That’s why I said ‘yes’ to Bigg Boss.”

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