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Feeling tired every morning? The sedentary lifestyle can do this to you. It is known as morning fatigue and here is how to beat the stress and kickstart your day on a high note.

Feeling Tired Early Morning? 5 Essential Tips to Kickstart Your Day With Energy
Feeling Tired Early Morning? 5 Essential Tips to Kickstart Your Day With Energy (Freepik)

Waking with drained energy? Feeling too lousy and drowsy to get out of bed? Well, one can sleep for eight long hours and still feel tired after waking up. And if you find yourself waking up exhausted most mornings, your body may be trying to tell you something. Morning fatigue is real and it should not be ignored. If the tiredness persists for days and weeks, it is important to monitor the body function, look for deficiency and get tested if required.


Check For Nutrient Deficiencies: Nutrient deficiencies may lead you to feel exhausted on a daily basis – When iron levels are low, your cells don’t get the oxygen they need, which can leave you feeling tired. B12 is critical for oxygen delivery and energy production, so low levels can cause extreme fatigue.

Work For Restful Sleep: Melatonin is a hormone produced in your body. It’s partially responsible for regulating a person’s circadian rhythm, or their sleep-wake cycle


  1. Healthy Lifestyle: While this is common knowledge, it has to be emphasised time and again. People talk of sedentary outlook but how many actually work for it? Having a proper healthy routine can help reduce morning stress.
  2. Stress Management: Dealing with anxiety, depression, stress or any other mental health problem can interfere with everyday functions of life. Hustle culture has cultivated a sense of stress that overpowers all the time of the day. From morning to night, one is focused on it and that impairs quality sleep, and increases cortisol levels.
  3. Inconsistent sleep: Sleep deprivation and lack of good quality sleep is aother reasons why we feel tired waking up. Staying up late, and stressing out on work hampers the body’s function to recover during sleep. This makes the brain more tired.
  4. Golden Rule of Hydration: Dehydration severely affects the body. It leads to reduced alertness and increased sleepiness and fatigue.
  5. Morning Stretches: Start your day with stretching, meditating or doing yoga. It can really help to kickstart your day on a high note. When the body engages in such physical activity, it secretes happy hormones. Yoga asanas regularly increase your endurance, recharge and energize you for the rest of the day by improving blood circulation and opening up blocked channels throughout the body.
    You may take steps to minimize the amount of time you spend feeling groggy in the morning and to increase your energy levels throughout the day

Therefore, eat healthy, stay fit and start your day with exercises to feel energised and be set for the day!

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