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A video going viral on social media platforms shows the disgusting sight of a dead lizard stuffed inside the samosa.

'Food From Hell': Hapur Man, Daughter Fall Sick After Dead Lizard Found In Samosa | WATCH
Screengrab from video shared on X.

Uttar Pradesh Viral News: In a shocking incident, a man and his teenage daughter in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district literally had a hellish experience after the duo shockingly discovered a dead lizard inside a samosa (fritters) they had ordered.

The incident took place in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh when Manoj Kumar sent his son to buy some samosas from a local sweets shop. However, when his daughter start eating one of the samosas, she found something chewy inside along with the usual potato stuffing, and to her utter horror, the girl discovered a dead lizard inside the fritter.

She immediately showed it to her father, however, by then Manoj had gulped down a few of the samosas. The father-daughter duo soon started feeling sick and even tried to vomit.

A viral video doing the rounds on social media showed Manoj retching on the side of the road as he tries to vomit in order to spit out the contaminated food. The video also shows the disgusting sight of a dead lizard stuffed, and probably fried along with other stuffing, inside the samosa as a man shows the nightmarish food to the camera and then stuffs it back in a plastic bag as future evidence.


Later, Manoj Kumar and others went to the sweets shop and created and got into an argument with the eatery owner before cops and officials from the food department arrived at the scene and assured Kumar of strict action against the owner.

However, Kumar has claimed that neither the police, nor the food department officials took any action against the owner of the sweets shop.

Manoj’s 13-year-old daughter, Radhika, was reportedly been admitted to a hospital after she complained of nausea and vomiting, reports said, adding that the girl’s condition is stated to be stable. The family has lodged a complaint with the police and are demanding action against the eatery owner who has refuted the allegations.

In his defense, the eatery owner said that potatoes are stuffed with hands inside samosas, and as such it would be impossible to dead animals or anything like that to be found inside them. He also said that he was ready for any investigation into the incident.

Based on the family’s complaint, police said they have registered a case in this regard and the matter is being investigated. “Further investigation is underway”, said an official.

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