Goldman Sachs’ confidence in China decreased and India increased, increased its investment – The Daily Connection

Goldman Sachs trusts India more than China

Global rating agencies like Goldman Sachs have expressed their confidence in India. At the same time, his confidence regarding sugar has decreased. Goldman Sachs has downgraded the stocks of Chinese companies traded on the Hong Kong Stock Market and has also reduced its investment in them. Whereas on the contrary, Goldman Sachs has increased its investment in India.

Goldman Sachs has downgraded the shares of Chinese companies in view of the forecast of low growth in their earnings. Whereas the reason for increasing its investment in India is the rapid growth of the Indian market.

Trust in China has not decreased for the first time

Regarding Asian markets, Goldman Sachs strategists say that this is a decision taken on the basis of normal valuation considering the huge backdrop at the macro level. Therefore, Goldman Sachs has reduced its investments in Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong. This is not the first time that Goldman Sachs has shown such a stance regarding shares of Chinese companies. Even earlier in August, Goldman Sachs had reduced its income estimate from investments in shares of Chinese companies from 14% to 11%.

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Good growth is visible in India

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg report, Goldman Sachs is seeing the most structural growth in the entire Asia region in India. Due to this, good income is expected to increase in the next two years. Keeping the market strategy in mind, Goldman Sachs has increased its investment in India. Goldman Sachs has high hopes from India’s Make in India.


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