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Has the car battery drained in the middle of the road? Start like this without pushing – The Daily Connection

Has the car’s battery drained midway? Start like this without pushing

Many times the car battery betrays you during long journeys. In such a situation, we get worried and start looking for a mechanic here and there. When you go to a mechanic, he tells you huge expenses. However, it is not necessary every time that your car needs a mechanic, sometimes you can fix it yourself and save your expenses. So today we will tell you how if your car battery gets damaged then how you can fix it yourself.

How to understand that the battery is bad

Now you must be wondering how to know if the car’s battery is drained or drained, then the biggest sign of this is the on-off warning lights on your dashboard.

Apart from this, a crackling noise comes from the car while starting the car and it does not self rotate. To avoid this problem, repair or replace your car battery like this.

How to open battery

For this, switch off your car and take out its keys. Now open the bonnet of the car, here you will see two wires, one positive and the other negative node. If you have a number 12 wrench (tool), apart from this you can also use a wrench. Open the positive node and take it out from the car battery.

Keep these things in mind

Clean your battery box, clean the battery nodes properly, you can also use silicone spray for this. This will clear the dust and dirt on the battery nodes and the connectivity will be fine. Note that whenever you remove and reinstall the car battery, wear rubber gloves and shoes.

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