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Tata Group is going to remove all your sorrows.

If you invest in the stock market, you may have suffered losses due to market fluctuations. From all the shares of Adani Group to the shares of Jio Financial Services, it has caused huge losses to share investors in 2023. But you are going to get a chance to overcome all these sorrows. One share of Tata Group is going to compensate for your loss.

Yes, Tata Group is going to list another new company in the stock market after about 20 years. Tata Technologies IPO will open this week and it will remove many of your sorrows on the day of listing in the stock market. Let us tell you how?

Tata Technologies’ GMP is tremendous

Tata Technologies IPO will open on 22nd November and close on 24th November. Its share listing date is 5th December. Within just 15 days between 22nd to 5th December, this stock will overcome your market losses. In fact, the gray market premium (GMP) price of this Tata share is showing a growth of 70%. The company has kept its IPO share price at Rs 475 to Rs 500. Whereas its GMP is showing up to Rs 850, which means a direct increase of Rs 350 with the listing.

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If you want to invest in this share of Tata, then as retail investors you can buy a lot of about 30 shares. You need at least Rs 15,000 to invest in this. Whereas the maximum you can invest is Rs 2 lakh. This company is a subsidiary of Tata Motors.

An investment of Rs 1 lakh will become so much

If you invest Rs 1 lakh in the IPO of Tata Technologies, you will have to wait for 15 days and you will become rich. If you are allotted shares of Tata Technologies in IPO, then according to the GMP price you can expect to get returns up to 70%. In this way your investment of Rs 1 lakh will become Rs 1.70 lakh in 15 days.

However, GMP price is not the actual listing price of a share. Rather, it is unauthorized trading of a share, in which the potential price of the share comes to light due to the demand for it. Investing in the stock market is quite risky. Therefore, before investing, you must take advice from an expert.

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