Here India-Pak match went on, on the other side 3509 condoms were sold on Swiggy, these items were also ordered – The Daily Connection

No one wants to miss the opportunity of a great competition between India and Pakistan. Be it fans or the market, everyone had made their own preparations to capitalize on this opportunity. While more than 1 lakh people watched the match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, some players also enjoyed the match in their homes outside the stadium. India has given a crushing defeat to Pakistan in the match. After which not only the stadium but also restaurants, bars, pubs, Swiggy all earned a lot.

According to the latest information, there was a huge sale of Swiggy during the match. Swiggy said that within a few hours thousands of condoms were sold on Swiggy. Online food delivery platform Swiggy received orders for 3509 condoms during the match. Apart from this, hundreds of biryani, sweets, chocolates and chips are also ordered every minute from Swiggy-Zomato.

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3509 condoms were sold in a few hours

Around 3509 condom orders were placed on Swiggy during the India-Pakistan match. Swiggy itself has given this information on Facebook. Swiggy wrote in the post that ‘3509 condoms were ordered, some players are playing outside the field today. At least they are playing, they have not surrendered like Pakistan. To which Durex India wrote, ‘We hope that all 3509 finish with a memorable performance.’

250 biryani orders every minute

Not only condoms, people also ordered biryani in large numbers during the match. Swiggy said on Saturday that it received more than 250 biryani orders every minute during the match between India and Pakistan. Since the start of the match, 250 biryani orders were given to Swiggy every minute. The company said, a family in Chandigarh ordered 70 biryani at one go. Looks like they were already celebrating.

These items were also ordered

Apart from this, Indians also ordered more than 1 lakh cold drinks during the match. Around 10,916 and 8,504 packets of Blue Lays, Green Lays have been ordered during the match.