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Have you seen nitrogen gas filling machine at petrol pump? From here you can put nitrogen gas in the tyres. But till now we have been filling the tires with normal air, so what is the need to fill the tires with nitrogen? If you also think so, then let us tell you that nitrogen gas is considered quite safe for tyres. This gas neither catches fire nor welcomes moisture. Therefore tire life is better. We are giving all the information including the benefits of nitrogen instead of normal air.

Nitrogen filled tires are better in terms of pressure and cooling. You may be surprised to know that even normal air contains 78 percent nitrogen. If you fill only with nitrogen, the pressure level in the tire will remain the same because its molecules are larger. compared to compressed air Nitrogen Doesn’t run here and there.

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Why is nitrogen better than normal air?

Therefore, nitrogen does not disappear from the tire quickly, whereas normal air keeps coming out slowly. This gas helps in maintaining minimum air pressure in the tire for a long time.

This is why nitrogen gas is better for tires than normal air-

  • Tire Life: Nitrogen helps in reducing the running temperature of car tyres, hence increasing the life of the tyre.
  • Tire Temperature: The temperature of nitrogen is more stable than normal compressed air or oxygen.
  • Hot weather: You can use nitrogen even in summer. Generally, the temperature of tire pressure increases in hot weather, but this does not happen with nitrogen.
  • Rust prevention: Nitrogen does not react with metal parts like wheel rims. Therefore the risk of rusting is eliminated.
  • Mileage increases: Nitrogen helps in increasing your mileage. Oxygen or normal air quickly leaves the tire, due to which the air pressure reduces. In such a situation, there is more pressure in the tires and the mileage gets reduced. Nitrogen relieves you from this problem.
  • Ride Quality: The riding experience is better when you drive a car with nitrogen filled tyres.
  • Tire Safety: By using nitrogen gas, tires remain safe, which also makes your journey safe.

If you are also thinking of filling your tires with nitrogen, then let us tell you that it is more expensive than normal air. Right now it is not easily available everywhere. You can check at the nearest petrol pump whether nitrogen gas is available there or not.

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