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How to open a food stall at the railway station, how much rent does one have to pay, know everything in one click.

Indian Railways is called the lifeline of India. Crores of people travel through this every day. The special thing is that Railways is the department which provides maximum government jobs in the country. About 14 lakh people work in this department. Apart from this, Railways also provides employment to lakhs of people across the country. Food stalls and book stalls installed at stations are burning the homes of thousands of families. Besides, Railways is also giving an opportunity to people to earn through the contract of Pantry Car. In such a situation, today we know how common people get orders for setting up food stalls or book stalls at stations.

Whenever we travel by train, we see that many food and book stalls are open from big stations to small halts. There is a crowd of people at these stalls to buy tea, namkeen, biscuits, water and other food items. Due to this, these shopkeepers earn thousands of rupees every day. Now many educated youth are also setting up stalls at the station.

its fare is low

Indian Railways issues tender for opening stalls at the station. By applying through this tender, you can get a license to set up a shop at the station. The special thing is that there is different cost in opening different stalls at the railway station. Also, Railways charges fees according to the size and location of the stall. The estimated cost for opening a book stall, food stall and tea-coffee stall ranges from Rs 40 thousand to Rs 3 lakh. However, this cost depends on the city and the station located there. Indian Railways also issues denars for small stalls at small stations. Its fare is less.

they will be needed

If you want to visit a book stall or food stall at the railway station, then for this you should have PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID, passport and photo etc. After this you visit the tender section on the sites of IRCTC and Indian Railways. From here you will get information about the availability of food stalls at the concerned railway station. On the railway site, you will get information about the fare and other conditions in the tender.

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