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In today’s time many expenses are increasing. Medical expenses are also included in these expenses. In such a situation, health insurance is a very good option. Suppose if a person ever got a bone in his hand broken in an accident, but when he reached the hospital, he came to know that he also had a hair line fracture in his head. So in such a situation the cost of treatment can be two-three lakh rupees. Now if that person does not have health insurance then he will have to pay all these expenses from his own pocket. At the same time, if he takes health insurance, his expenses may reduce slightly.

Now in such a situation, if you have not yet taken health insurance and are planning to take it, then this news is useful for you. In this busy life, people consider it better to complete all the work online. If you are also thinking of taking online health insurance, then you need to take special care of some things.

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Keep these things in mind

  1. You should take care of the coverage before taking any health insurance. You can get a health cover of Rs 5 to 7 lakh by paying a fixed premium every year. You must pay attention to how many diseases you are getting covered for how much premium.
  2. Before taking a health plan, read and understand its terms and conditions carefully. You should not trust just one company. You compare other companies on online sites.
  3. While buying a health policy, you should understand each and every clause of it. After that you should pay the premium. You should buy a plan only after knowing about the rules of the company in case of serious illness, pre-existing illness and accident.
  4. In the case of investment, it is said that the earlier the investment is started, the bigger the wealth it helps in building. In the case of health cover, it is said that the sooner you take the cover, the less premium you will have to pay later. Let’s say you are 40 years old
  5. If you take health cover before age, you can get more benefits without any condition. Along with this, by renewing every year you also get the benefit of no claim bonus.
  6. While taking health insurance, you should give correct information about your medical records to the company. If you give any wrong information then the health insurance company may deny you the claim. In such a situation, you may face problems during treatment.
  7. While taking medical insurance, you must check which facilities you are getting. Some things are not included in many plans.
  8. Every health insurance company has its own rules and they design the policy according to those rules. In some policies, cover for serious diseases can be taken under the rider, while in some diseases these facilities are not provided.

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