Wednesday, November 29

India became the hub of innovation, lots of patents got made in Modi government, China also left behind – The Daily Connection

Patent applications increased significantly under PM Modi’s rule

In the last few years, India is becoming a hub of innovation. India has made many records in patent registration, leaving behind countries like China and America. In 2022, India has created a new record. PM Narendra Modi himself has written a post praising it.

PM Narendra Modi wrote on Twitter, ‘The increase in patent applications in India shows the increasing innovative passion of our youth. This is a very positive sign of the coming days. Along with this post, PM Modi has also shared a report. After all, what does this report say…

India made a record of 11 years, China left behind

This report of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) says that a record number of patents have been registered worldwide in 2022. Their number is 3.46 crores. This is the third consecutive year that there has been growth in patent applications.

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According to the report, a record growth of 31.6% has been recorded in patent applications filed by people living in India in 2022. This is the 11th consecutive year when India has registered growth in this. At the same time, India is the only country among the top-10 countries of the world which has registered such a huge growth in filing patent applications.

China’s growth rate fell

According to the data of the report, the growth rate of patent filing in China is falling. This is the second consecutive year of decline. The growth rate of China’s patent application filing in the year 2021 was 6.8 percent. It will come down to 3.1 percent in 2022. However, almost half of the total patent applications from all over the world have come from China only.


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