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India’s first electric racing bike, top speed is 265 km/h – The Daily Connection

Ultraviolette F99Image Credit source: Ultraviolette

Talking about electric two-wheelers in India, mostly only electric scooters are seen. EV companies are also working rapidly on electric bikes, but the share is less as compared to e-scooters. In the coming time, you will also start getting powerful options for electric bikes, because work is going on on many great electric bikes. One of them is the Ultraviolette F99, which has been introduced recently. This upcoming racing electric motorcycle can change the direction of the Indian electric two-wheeler market.

This bike was unveiled at the EICMA 2023 event. This is a fully-faired, performance based electric bike. When it is launched, it will take the title of India’s fastest electric bike. Bengaluru based EV company Ultraviolette has launched F99. electric bike Has been developed. This is the country’s first electric racing bike.

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Ultraviolette F99: Design

The new electric motorcycle is made from carbon fiber elements, which also include winglets and panels. All these things give a different approach to the design of Ultraviolette F99, because the company has presented it with a full faired design. Its active aerodynamic style can bring a big change in the electric bike world.

100 km speed in 3 seconds

Two important things are available in the upcoming electric bike – air windshield and air-blade. The air windshield helps the riders from the strong wind coming from the front, while the air-blades come in handy when the bike is leaning. In this way, the performance of Ultraviolette F99 becomes better on the track. It has a 90 kW electric motor, due to which this bike can reach a speed of 100 km/h in just 3 seconds.

Ultraviolette F99: Top Speed

This bike has been designed to go fast. The top speed of 265 km/h of Ultraviolette F99 can leave you scratching your head. With such a top speed, this bike stands in line with the performance of 600cc Japanese bikes. Its range and price have not been revealed yet. The interesting thing is that the weight of this bike is only 178 kg.

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