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India’s first solar car, will give a range of 250 kilometers in full chargeImage Credit source: vayve mobility

You must have used or heard about solar lights by now. Have you heard about solar car? In fact, after seeing the glimpse of India’s first solar car, you will also say that this is amazing. Without petrol and diesel, this car will run only on sunlight, that means you will be able to charge this car with sunlight. Check out the complete details of when you will see the upcoming solar powered car from Pune-based EV startup Vayve Mobility on the roads and what special features it will have.

Vayve Eva Features and Range

This car will be introduced in the next year i.e. 2024 and the delivery of this car in the market will start in mid-2024. This is a modern car and if we talk about its seating arrangement, two adults and a child can sit comfortably in this car. In Eva you will get a bunch of 150W rated solar panels on the roof which can give you a range of 10 to 12 kilometers per day. This upcoming car can give a range of 250 kilometers in a single full charge.

Battery and Charging

The 150W panels can help generate 10 to 12 kilometers of daily range in the car and contribute to around 3,000 kilometers of driving. In this vehicle you also get a 14kWh battery pack which claims a driving range of 250 kilometers on a single full charge. It can be fully charged in four hours using a household wall socket charger.

Design: Talking about the look of the upcoming solar car, its look is different from the normal cars present in the market. Because it has a tall body in the back rear track instead of the front. You will see minimalistic design in Aero-covered wheels, front and rear LED lightbar.

Security Features: The EVA solar car based on monocoque chassis will get IP68 certified powertrain. It will also have security features like airbags for driver safety.

At present this car has not entered the market, there is a possibility that it may be launched in India next year. Talking about its price, when this car will be launched by the company, its other features and price will also be revealed only then.

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