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Keep these five household things in the car, the work will be done in Rs 100-200

If you travel daily in your car and want to avoid small problems, then this information is for you. Actually, you have to face many problems while walking on the roads. Traffic on the roads, not being able to find the right place for parking every time or getting dents and scratches in the car, all this has become common. But sometimes these problems become big and it costs a lot to fix them. In such a situation, today we will tell you five such things which if you keep in the car, you will be able to solve all the problems. The best thing is that you can buy these things for Rs 100-200 and use them in your car for a long time.

Keep these 5 things in the car

The 5 things you should always keep in your car include toothpaste, balm, water, baking soda and candles. If you keep these things in the car, then you will be able to fix the basic problems of your car without going to a mechanic.

Benefits of keeping toothpaste in the car

If you keep toothpaste in your car then you can easily remove the dents in your car. For this, mix a little toothpaste and coconut oil and apply it on the dent, this will remove the dent from the car.

Keep balm in the car, you will get this benefit

If you keep balm in your car, you will get many benefits from it, one of which is that you can completely remove unnecessary stickers on the car or windshield. Apply balm on the sticker and scratch it a little, this will remove it easily without any damage.

use of water kept in car

If the AC is not working in the car or is blowing hot air, then pour some water on the machine part under the bonnet in front of the car, your car will cool down and the AC will work properly.

Benefits of keeping candles

From the name of the candle, you might be wondering what will be the benefit from it, then let us tell you that with this you can clean the dents left in your car. Light a candle and apply it on the dent, it pulls out the dent.

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