Leakage in car can cause big trouble, know ways to deal with it – The Daily Connection

If you see any liquid falling from your car or if leakage is visible, then you should not ignore it. Due to this, you can get into trouble in the middle of the journey which can also prove fatal. But if this happens in your car then you can deal with it, for this today we will tell you some ways with the help of which you can fix the leakage of your car.

car coolant leakage

Many times the issue of leakage in the coolant of the car arises but the question arises that how will we recognize that it is coolant leakage. Let us tell you that the color of coolant is normally green. It will appear thick to you, however, you can easily fix coolant leakage in the car.

But if you ignore it, the engine may overheat. Due to this, the car can also stop in the middle of the journey. Its leakage occurs from the radiator and in case of leakage, you should check the front and back of the radiator.

water falling from car

Many times, water starts falling from your car. The reason behind this is that the AC installed in the car takes moisture from inside the cabin, after which it comes out through a rubber hose. In such a situation, you may see leakage. Well, it also depends on the AC hoses and where they are fitted. In small vehicles, only one pipe is provided, but in SUVs, two hoses are fitted from the AC, one at the front and the other at the rear.

Because of which you may see water dripping from both sides. Note that if there is water leakage in your car, then there is no need to panic, it could be due to AC.

engine oil

You must have often seen engine oil dripping from the car. Talking about its color, it comes in many colors, but normally its color is black only. By the way, if the engine oil in the car is old then it appears black. If you see oil dripping from under the car, you should get it checked by a mechanic immediately.

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