Manasvi Mamgai disappointed with being out of Bigg Boss, targets Anurag Doval – The Daily Connection

Manasvi Mamgai, UK rider Anurag Image Credit source: Social Media

Manasvi Mamgai has been evicted from Colors TV’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. This beautiful actress is not at all happy with her eviction. In a special conversation with NewsNCR Hindi Digital, Manasvi said that she is disappointed with her eviction. Because there are many such contestants in the house, who are neither entertaining the audience nor are seen in the house. During this, Manasvi also targeted UK07 rider Anurag Doval and said that Anurag, who raised questions on her living in America, himself lives in Dubai.

Manasvi Mamgai said, “Anurag tried to spread false things about me. She said that I cannot speak for myself from Uttarakhand, because I live in America. I work in LA. But Anurag, who made such allegations against me, is himself a resident of Dubai. Actually, he wanted to blame me for what he himself was doing. He is a permanent resident of Dubai. Without knowing how much work I do in Uttarakhand, they were accusing me.

Manasvi’s revelation

About your connection with Uttarakhand Manasvi Mamgai Said- ‘I have been honored by the Chief Minister and Governor of Uttarakhand for my work. I have been the brand ambassador of the women’s sports team of Uttarakhand. I have made a big contribution to the social work there. Anurag himself says that he lives in Dehradun. But when I became Miss India, we had conducted many seminars in schools and colleges of Uttarakhand, they do not know this. I would say that he has shot himself in the foot. I had also asked him whether he lives in Dubai to avoid income tax, but this fact was not shown. ,

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