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Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: Rescue team establishes contact with workers as they cry for help and ask the team to ‘Please take us out quickly’. Visuals of the trapped workers, from inside the collapsed tunnel have also surfaced..

Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Rescue Ops Latest Update
Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Rescue Ops Latest Update

New Delhi: In a major breakthrough, the rescue team working on the evacuation of the 41 workers trapped in the Uttarakhand Tunnel Collapse, has been able to establish contact with the trapped workers. On November 12, 2023 the Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarkashi, which was under-construction, had collapsed and unfortunately 41 workers remained trapped under the rubble. It has been nine days and today is the tenth day, and the workers are still under the rubble, waiting to be evacuated. Apart from excerpts of the conversation the workers had with a government representative, visuals of the workers from inside the tunnel have also surfaced. Read further to know the latest update on the rescue operations underway..

‘Please Take Us Out Quickly’, Trapped Workers Cry For Help

According to a report by Times Of India, he trapped workers had a conversation with an Uttar Pradesh government representative Arun Kumar which evidently showed their plight and sufferings from the last 10 days. TOI quoted a trapped worker from UP, Akhilesh Kumar as saying, “We are getting food, but all of us are in a bad condition. What is the progress of the rescue work? Please take us out quickly. It is getting harder and harder with each passing day.” Ram Sundar, another worker was quoted as saying, “Tell our families not to worry and take care of themselves.”

Inside Visuals Of Trapped Workers From Silkyara Tunnel

The rescue team has been successful in establishing a contact with the 41 workers who have been trapped inside the collapsed tunnel for nine days. ANI shared the first visuals of the trapped workers emerge as the rescue team tries to establish contact with them; the endoscopic flexi camera reached the trapped workers.

Vertical Drilling Machine At Accident Site For Rescue Ops

To rescue the trapped workers, a vertical drilling machine has been brought to the accident site as the team was unsuccessful in taking the workers out by a horizontal machine. The vertical drilling machine reached the Silkyara Tunnel from the upper part of the hill above the tunnel and is being used for the rescue operations.

A video where a pipeline is being laid down inside the Silkyara Tunnel for better communication with the trapped workers, has also been shared on internet.

Workers Given Khichdi In Bottles

Nine days after being trapped inside the collapsed tunnel in Uttarkashi, the workers were given khichdi in bottles and fruits to make them survive till the rescue operation is completed. Hemant, the cook who prepared the Khichdi for the trapped labourers, said that this was the first time a hot meal was being sent to the workers. “This food will be sent inside the tunnel. This is the first time a hot meal is being sent. We are sending Khichdi. We are only preparing the food which we have been recommended,” he said.

Rescue operation in-charge Colonel Deepak Patil said that through this alternative lifeline we can send food, mobiles, and chargers inside the tunnel. On what food items will be sent to trapped labourers, he said that, keeping in mind the condition of the labourers, a list has been prepared with the help of doctors on available food options. “We are bringing plastic cylindrical bottles with wide mouths so that we can send bananas, apples, Khichdi, and Daliya,” he added.