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Rain Lashes Delhi NCR Brings Respite From Hazardous Air – The Daily Connection

Delhi-NCR Rains: The national capital received light rainfall amid the Delhi government’s ongoing efforts to implement the idea of ‘artificial rain’ to curb the air pollution in the city.

Updated: November 10, 2023 7:00 AM IST

By Joy Pillai

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Delhi-NCR Gets Respite From Hazardous Air

New Delhi: Amidst continuous rising air pollution, parts of Delhi-NCR experienced light rainfall on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday, providing much-needed respite to the people. The sudden showers coincided with the Delhi government’s plan for artificial rain through cloud seeding to alleviate the suffering of residents grappling with an alarming dip in air quality in recent weeks. Notably, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in Delhi-NCR has remained in the ‘severe’ category for the past consecutive week due to a combination of stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana and local factors such as vehicular emissions.

Delhi Air Pollution: Ministers Inspecting Vehicles

Meanwhile, Delhi ministers were seen in different borders inspecting vehicles coming from neighbouring states. Environment Minister Gopal Rai also inspected vehicles and trucks entering Delhi at the Singhu border.

“After seeing the level of pollution in the national capital, the entry of trucks carrying non-essential items has been banned. Only entry of CNG and electric trucks has been allowed. Teams have been deployed on all the borders for this. Tomorrow I will again write a letter to the Haryana and UP governments regarding the entry of the trucks,” said Rai.

Meanwhile, AAP Minister Atishi also inspected vehicles at the Ghazipur border. “Today after inspecting here (Ghazipur border ) we have come to know that systems need to be strengthened on the borders because there are several trucks that are not allowed to enter into national capital but are entering illegally. All the ministers of the Delhi government are inspecting different borders today to ensure that there is no illegal entry of trucks into the capital,” she said.

Delhi Air Pollution: Artificial Rain

The Delhi government is gearing up for a round of artificial rain in the city on November 20-21 to alleviate the suffering of residents grappling with a sharp decline in air quality over the past week. The air quality index in the national capital has persistently stayed in the ‘severe’ category for seven consecutive days, attributed to a combination of crop residue burning in neighbouring states and local factors such as vehicular emissions.

In response to the air emergency in the national capital, Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai and Finance Minister Atishi convened a meeting with a team from IIT Kanpur. The team proposed that a session of artificial rain could offer relief amid the ongoing air pollution crisis.

The Delhi government has asked the IIT scientists for a detailed plan which it will present in Supreme Court on Friday. The court is currently, hearing several petitions seeking urgent steps to address Delhi’s hazardous air quality. If the Apex court gives a green signal, the AAP government in Delhi and the centre will take steps to implement the plan.

Delhi Air Pollution: GRAP Stage 4 Implemented

Currently, Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) stage 4 has been implemented in Delhi after the air quality dipped ‘severe plus’ category.