Salman Khan looked angry even on the occasion of Diwali, scolded Mannara along with Aishwarya – The Daily Connection

How is it possible for Salman Khan not to get angry while hosting Bigg Boss? Although it is not his fault either, the contestants present in the show force him to reprimand him. The excitement of Diwali is being seen in Bigg Boss house in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. The process of guests coming to the house also continues. In such a situation, Salman Khan was seen wishing Diwali to everyone wearing kurta-pajama. On the other hand, he scolded some contestants.

Actually, two husband and wife have come in this season. Neil-Aishwarya and Ankita-Vicky. While on one hand Neil is very calm, on the other hand Aishwarya’s behavior with her husband is not very good. Last week it was seen that there was a lot of altercation between Neil and Aishwarya. During the fight, Aishwarya crosses all limits of misbehavior with her husband Neil. Seeing this behavior of Aishwarya, Salman is going to organize her class in Weekend Vaar.

In the promo released by the makers, it can be seen that Salman angrily shouts like Aishwarya before talking to her, saying.Chal.Tu.Chal.Tu Nikal. Aishwarya, you are trying to take Neil to such a point that he also screams. How much patience will you have to try this? What you do with Neel is not right. This is going to be a toxic relationship. Not only this, Salman also used words like disaster for the relationship between Aishwarya and Neil.

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After Aishwarya, Salman asked for a chair for himself before reprimanding Mannara. Salman tells Mannara that the Weather Bureau team has come. So drain the entire flood before the weather worsens. Mannara issue is not ours, it is yours. Mannara was seen talking about leaving the show this week. He has also had fights with many people in the house. Due to which she appeared quite upset.

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