Wednesday, November 29

Selena Gomez first announced to delete Insta, then deleted the post itself – The Daily Connection

Hollywood pop icon, Selena Gomez is confused about whether she should delete her Instagram account or not. Recently she had announced on her Instagram account that she is going to delete her Instagram account. Shortly after this announcement, he removed his post. Selena’s Instagram account is still active.

Recently, the singer had shared a note on Instagram commenting on the Israel-Hamas war. Because of this, Selena Gomez remains a part of the headlines. Selena got trolled because of this note. Selena Gomez is confused after online trolling. What is this confusion? Let us understand.

Selena’s note

A few days ago, Selena Gomez shared an emotional note on the Israel-Hamas war. She expressed her grief over the violence being done to innocent children and innocent people in the Israel-Hamas war, after which Selena Gomez, while sharing her Instagram story, wrote, “I am taking a break and deleting my Instagram. It’s enough. I do not support what is happening.”

What is the whole matter?

Actually, the singer had shared a message on Instagram while commenting on the Israel-Hamas war. In the message he also appealed for peace to everyone. Selena Gomez got trolled for this reason.

Selena wrote that I am taking a break from social media because the atmosphere of violence going on in the world is very terrible and I cannot bear to see all this. Selena Gomez also believes that, despite being one of the most followed people on the internet, her posts will not make any difference.

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