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Recently, the video of Ola S1 Pro scooter catching fire went viral on social media. Smoke emanating from the electric scooter can be clearly seen in the video. After this incident, the debate on electric scooter fire has come alive again. Whether electric scooters are safe or not has become a big question for the people. In the incident that took place in Pune, smoke started coming out from the battery pack of the scooter. The fire brigade reached the spot and extinguished the fire. Now Ola Electric has issued a clarification in this matter.

According to reports, the Pimpri-Chhindwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) fire brigade said that the cause of the fire in the scooter was battery related. In the video below you can see that Ola electric scooter How smoke was blowing in me.

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Video went viral on social media

This video has been shared on social media platform X (earlier Twitter). People are raising various questions regarding the safety of electric scooters. Now Ola Electric has also looked into this matter. The country’s largest electric two-wheeler company came out on its official social media handle and gave clarification.

Ola gave a statement

The company investigated the fire in the scooter and issued a statement that the cause of the fire in Ola S1 Pro is aftermarket parts. Ola said that aftermarket parts were used in the scooter, due to which a short circuit occurred. The company clarified that the battery of the electric scooter is intact and working.

Ola urged existing Ola electric scooter owners to use only genuine spare parts and accessories. Buy all these things only from the authorized service center of the company. The company further said that using aftermarket accessories in electric scooters creates a lot of danger.

Big danger from aftermarket parts

These can cause disturbances in the electric system of the EV, which can damage the scooter. Apart from this, the scooter may also catch fire. Apart from petrol, the entire responsibility of electric scooter lies on things like battery pack, battery controller, electric motor. The company said that customers can take any kind of help online or from the nearest Ola Experience Centre.

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