Sonia Bansal out of the show, betrayed by her own people – The Daily Connection

In the first elimination in Bigg Boss 17 house, actress Sonia Bansal was out of the show. Actually, due to less votes, lawyer Sana Raees Khan came to the bottom two along with Sonia. But during this time, Bigg Boss brought a new twist, he said that it was left to the housemates to decide whether between Sana and Sonia Bansal, who should go out or not. Bigg Boss announced that due to this new twist, Sonia, whom Sonia considered her special friend, voted in favor of Sana, stabbing her friend in the back.

Sonia Bansal was thrown out of the house due to Sana getting more votes. However, Sonia’s fans are very angry with her eviction. Because he says that despite Sana getting the least votes, Bigg Boss gave this decision in the hands of the contestants to save her. But the number of votes received by Bigg Boss or the makers has not been disclosed. Along with Sonia Bansal and Sana, 6 housemates were nominated for eviction.

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Betrayed by loved ones

After all the contestants were secured in the first week of Bigg Boss, in the second week, not one, not two but 6 contestants were nominated for eviction. TV actors among these contestants Neel Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, YouTuber Tehelka, Rapper Khanzadi, Lawyer Sana Raees Khan, South’s famous Sonia Bansal were included. Sana was much less active in the house compared to the other contestants. But Tehelka along with her friend Vicky Jain, Anurag (UK Rider), Gharib (Arun Mahashetty), Jigna Vohra, Rinku Dhawan saved Sana and due to this Sonia had to be thrown out of the house.