South stars are no less than Bollywood in any respect, from Allu Arjun to Mahesh Babu, these stars have vanity vans worth crores. – The Daily Connection

Last week, we had given you information about the vanity vans of famous Bollywood superstars from Shahrukh Khan to Ajay Devgan. But let us tell you, in the matter of getting a luxurious vanity van made for themselves, South actors are not at all behind Bollywood superstars. Vanity is their ‘second home’ for actors and this is the reason why many South Indian actors from Prabhas to Allu Arjun have built luxurious vanity vans keeping their special preferences in mind.

allu arjun

‘Pushpa’ actor Allu Arjun has also named his vanity van, he calls his vanity van ‘Falcon’. Allu Arjun has the most expensive vanity van in the film industry. Whose cost is approximately 7 crores. Their official logo ‘AA’ has also been installed on this vanity van. This two-room vanity is a ‘mini home’.


After the film Baahubali, Prabhas has built a luxurious vanity van for himself. The special thing about this vanity van is its ‘sunroof’. Usually, celebrity vanity vans do not have a sunroof. But Prabhas likes sunroof cars. The price of this new vanity van of Prabhas is around Rs 5 crore.

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Ram Charan

Ram Charan’s vanity van is no less than a 5 star hotel room. Salman Khan And custom-made automobile designer Dilip Chhabra, who designed Shahrukh Khan’s vanity van, has designed this vanity. The price of this vanity is also around Rs 7 crore.

Mahesh Babu

South’s superstar Mahesh Babu is known for his luxurious lifestyle. Mahesh Babu’s customized vanity van costs Rs 6.2 crore. Along with these stars, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Pawan Kalyan and Tamannaah Bhatia also have their own vanity van.