SRK Reveals he Did Not allow Rajkumar Hirani to Meet Other Actors Says Abhi Bhi Nahi Milne Dunga – The Daily Connection

Shah Rukh Khan recently told during his birthday event that he did not allow Rajkumar Hirani to meet other actors while shooting for Dunki.

SRK Reveals he Did Not allow Rajkumar Hirani to Meet Other Actors, Says 'Abhi Bhi Nahi Milne Dunga'
SRK Reveals he Did Not allow Rajkumar Hirani to Meet Other Actors, Says ‘Abhi Bhi Nahi Milne Dunga’

Dunki: Shah Rukh Khan recently interacted with the media during his birthday event. He was accompanied by Rajkumar Hirani during the live session. The duo spoke on how they always wanted to work with each other since years. In fact, Shah Rukh was the first choice to play Munna Bhai in Munna Bhai MBBS starring Sanjay Dutt in the titular role. Hirani told the media that how as a college student he was fascinated by SRK’s performance in the television series Cirkus. He confessed that ever since then he wanted to work with him. However, since Shah Rukh became an overnight star with Darr, Baazigar and DDLJ, it wasn’t easy to get him on board.



The Dunki actor hilariously recalled, “Mere saath bhi jab aise hi hua tha jab Raju Munna Bahi ki kahani bata rahe the (The same happened to me when Raju narrated the script of Munna Bhai). Maine kaha yaar naya director hai kar hi lega (I thought since he is a new filmmaker then why won’t he work with me). Maine kaha 6 mahine, 8 mahine baad karenge, 9 mahine baad karenge, to yeh chala gaya ( i kept delaying as I said we will work after 6-7 months, 9 months, so he went away). Uske baad 3 Idiots ke liye aaya, maine kaha aur bhi kya bada hua hoga (When he again came back for 3 Idiots, I thought still he isn’t that big). Uske baad jab chala gaya to maine kaha ab chance nahi lunga (After that wen he again went away I decided that this time I won’t take any chances). To Covid ke samay maine inko bagal me pakad ke rakh liya (I caught hold of him during Covid). Maine kaha yaar is baar mat jaana, dusre heroes se bhi nahi milne diya Raju ko (I requested him not to go this time and I even did not allow him to meet other actors). Abhi bhi allow nahi kar raha hoon ki daal na de kisi ko guest appearance me (I am still not allowing him because he might add someone in guest appearance).”

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