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If you also travel by car daily and are looking for ways to avoid challan, then be careful. In fact, none of your tricks will be of any use, rather you may have to pay a fine if caught. To avoid challan, many people try different methods on the number plate of their car, due to which they get stuck in huge challan in order to save a few rupees. Anyway, the only easiest way to avoid challan is to keep your documents complete and follow the traffic rules. Here we will tell you what consequences you will have to face if you tamper with the number plate to avoid challan.

There are strict laws regarding car number plates

Several rules for number plates are given in Rules 50 and 51 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1990. Under these rules, if any person tampers with the number plate of the vehicle, it can cost you heavily. You should keep the number plate as it is given to you by RTO. If any person does not follow these rules then action will be taken against him. Apart from this, you can also be fined up to Rs 5,000.

people are doing such a mess

Everyone only thinks of saving money, so why should he have to do anything for this. Such is the condition of car drivers; they try every trick to avoid challan. Recently, some such cases have come to light in which people are roaming around with reflective tape on their car number plates. The speed camera is not able to scan this tape. When the speed camera clicks the photo, its numbers are not scanned properly and the numbers in the photo appear torn.

Many people get numbers written in other fonts or names for a stylish look. Action can be taken against you regarding all these changes and you may also have to pay a fine.

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