The war of ‘Ginger’ and ‘Garlic’ has started, India is defeating China like this! – The Daily Connection

A unique war is going on between ginger and garlic

With the onset of winter, the consumption of ginger and garlic increases in the country. Both these vegetables or rather herbs are not responsible for keeping the body warm. But do you know that there is a war going on between India and China regarding ginger and garlic. At the same time, the business of fake ginger and fake garlic also starts in the market in this season.

If we talk about fake garlic and fake ginger, then the problem lies in the way they are grown. These are garlic and ginger which are washed in sewer water. To bring shine, they are sometimes cleaned with harmful chemicals like acid. China grows 80% of the world’s garlic, but in many countries there is a complaint about its garlic that it bleaches the garlic to make it shiny. Similar is the condition of ginger.

India is the ‘Ginger King’ of the world

Now if we talk about India, India is the king of the world in growing ginger. Every year about 15 to 16 lakh tonnes of ginger is produced here. Although a large part of it is consumed for domestic consumption, India still exports it in the form of dried spice (dry ginger). Nigeria ranks second after India in ginger production, which grows about 6-7 lakh tonnes of ginger every year. These two countries together grow about 60% of the world’s ginger. In India, both ginger and garlic are cultivated the most in Madhya Pradesh.

India is challenging China’s garlic

China may be the largest exporter of garlic in the world. But now India is continuously challenging it. If we look at last year’s figures, the share of garlic in India’s spice exports has increased. According to Spice Board data, the export of garlic has increased by 165% in just 10 months from April to January of 2022-23. India exported 47,329 tonnes of garlic. Whereas in the entire financial year this export was 57,346 tonnes. This was 159% more than in 2021-22. At the same time, China’s garlic production has fallen by 25%.


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