They Tried To Assassinate Him Because…: Imran Khan’s Ex-Wife Jemima Goldsmith Weighs In On Israel-Palestine Conflict – The Daily Connection

Jemima Goldsmith said her children, born to a Jewish-origin mother and Muslim father, faced antisemitism in Pakistan and Islamophobia in the UK.

They Tried To Assassinate Him Because...: Imran Khan's Ex-Wife Jemima Goldsmith Weighs In On Israel-Palestine Conflict
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New Delhi: Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of Imran Khan has claimed that the former Pakistan Prime Minister faced an assassination bid by radical Islamists because he is close to the Jews. Jemima, who is of Jewish origin and converted to Islam after her marriage to the Khan, also weighed in on the raging Israel-Palestine conflict stating that being a Jew and then marrying a Muslim gives her a unique perspective on the issue as she can relate to both sides of the narrative.

Jemima said her children, born to a Jewish-origin mother and Muslim father, faced antisemitism in Pakistan and Islamophobia in the UK.

“I have lived in a Muslim country for ten years and have been to Gaza & The West Bank and I also have a historic family connection to Israel. I have personally had (and continue to receive) countless death threats on account of my Jewishness & faced decades of antisemitic abuse,” Jemima wrote amid a public spat over the Israel-Hamas war with her brothers Ben Goldsmith and Zac Goldsmith.

While her brothers extended their support to Israel, Jemima presented an alternate narrative in which both sides have a valid claim in the ongoing conflict.

Jemima said her former husband was targeted by Islamists because of his “proximity to the Jews” and even became the victim of an assassination attempt back in 2022.

“The father of my children was shot, according to his would-be -assassin, because of his “proximity to the Jews” – ie. me. Meanwhile, my children have faced Islamophobia in the UK (& antisemitism in Pakistan!),” Jemima wrote.

Jemima said she can relate to both narratives in the conflict as she has family on both sides of the fence.

“I realise that Twitter spats don’t help anyone. I have found it hard to disengage – I have Jewish and Muslim family members & friends, whom I deeply love,” she said.

“Perhaps because of these experiences, I passionately believe that political tribalism is the enemy, not just of reasonable discourse but of peace. It’s why I’m so in awe of the bravery & integrity of those Israelis who despite having lost relatives in the last few days, have made some of the most powerful statements against the ongoing bombing of Gaza. I pray their voices are heard.”

“Killing and maiming thousands more innocent children will not save terrorised hostages, nor will it bring peace and, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan post 9-11, will likely only create more terrorism and a less safe world for all of us,” Jemima said.

A bloody was triggered between Israel and Hamas after the Gaza-based militant group fired over 5,000 rockets into the Jewish nation on October 7, killings hundreds, including civilians, as they stormed Israeli border towns in a suprise onslaught.

Israel retaliated with a major offensive and has nearly bombed Gaza into oblivion in its bid to eliminate Hamas once and for all.

On Tuesday, a hospital in war-torn Gaza strip was hit by a missile resulting in the deaths of hundreds of civilians, including women and children. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation even as Israel and Hamas have blamed each other for the blast.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that 471 people were killed and 314 others injured in the hospital blast for which Hamas and Israel traded charges holding each other responsible for the incident. Israel has blamed a misfired rocket from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a claim rejected by the militant group.