This mutual fund gave 45% return in one year, investors were happy – The Daily Connection

The performance of Indian stock markets has been at a very high level in the last several months. This is the reason why the valuation of Indian stock markets has reached a very high level compared to other markets of the world. Along with equity, mutual fund investors are also getting its benefit. During the last one year, mutual fund houses have also launched many new schemes. This also includes schemes related to portfolio management services. At the same time, a scheme of mutual fund has given a bumper return of 45% in one year, which has made the investors happy. Let us tell you about this scheme…

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45 percent return in one year

The mutual fund scheme linked to PIPE strategy of ICICI Prudential AMC has given returns of 45.66 percent in one year, 25.63 percent in two years and 43.45 percent in three years. ICICI Prudential also operates investment schemes linked to Contra and Flexicap strategies. The scheme with Contra Strategy has given a return of 43.91 percent on one year investment, 18.77 percent return on two year investment and 33.39 percent return on three year investment.

Similarly, the scheme related to Flexicap strategy has given returns of 29.49 percent in one year, 13.01 percent in two years and 25.80 percent in three years. S&P BSE 500 has given returns of 23.98 percent, 11.72 percent and 26.42 percent respectively during this period. Let us tell you that the investment schemes related to PMS are for high net worth people i.e. HNIs. The number of HNIs in the country has increased in the last few years and all mutual fund houses want to penetrate this special segment.

AUM increased by 90 percent in one year

The attractiveness of returns of PMS investment schemes of ICICI Prudential AMC can be gauged from the fact that the asset under management (AUM) of the company has increased by 90 percent in the last one year. The AUM of the company was Rs 2,720 crore in June 2022, which has increased to Rs 5,176 crore in June 2023.


There was also a 58 percent jump in the number of customers

During the last one year, the number of customers of ICICI Prudential AMC has also increased by 58 percent. In June 2022, its number of customers was 3,611, which increased to 5,707 in June this year.



What is contra strategy?

Under Contra Strategy, a contradictory attitude towards investment is adopted. In other words, a completely opposite approach is adopted regarding investment. Under this, investments are made in such areas where there are more difficulties in entry and which are facing bad times due to adverse business cycle, any special situation or crisis in the industry.

Investment in mid-small cap companies under PIPE

Under PIPE strategy, investments are made in mid and small cap companies. Under this, such companies are selected which have good growth potential in 4-5 years. Business Management Valuation (BMV) mechanism is used in the selection of these companies.

Who are HNI?

People who own significant amounts of property and financial assets are called high net worth individuals or HNIs. This person’s assets must be valued at at least $1 million, excluding the value of the primary residence. HNIs have specific investment objectives, due to which they require specialized financial services and experts.