Tiger 3 is facing loss after loss, how did Salman Khan and YRF’s strategy fail? – The Daily Connection

Tiger and Zoya entered, theaters were buzzing and records were made, but then the story got stuck there, the fear of which was haunting everyone before the release of ‘Tiger 3’. Yes, only 9 days have passed since the film was released, but it seems difficult for the film to touch the figure of Rs 500 crores. Everyone expected that whenever the pair of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will be seen together on the big screen, many records will be made and broken… but the strategy prepared by the makers for the film was not successful for the film. Proved to be a flop. Of course, the film is still earning money at the box office, but from the very first day the film is lagging behind the expectations from Tiger.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s ‘Tiger 3’ has also suffered a lot due to the World Cup. However, the World Cup is not the only reason behind the decline in earnings. Be it promotion or the strategy of changing the release date… the makers themselves are also responsible for causing harm to Tiger-3. Know the 5 reasons due to which the film’s earnings have been affected.

Disappointment at the festival

‘Tiger-3’ has been released on the day of Diwali i.e. 12th November. However, on the same day, India’s last match of the group stage was also there. India had won very easily against Netherlands, but despite the excellent earnings in advance booking, the film could earn only Rs 44.50 crore on the first day. The film was expected to earn huge profits not only during Diwali but also during Bhaidooj, which could not be achieved.

Strategy not made regarding World Cup

The schedule of the World Cup was decided long ago. India had also qualified for the semi-finals before Diwali. In such a situation, the makers could have extended the release date of the film, but this was not done. Be it the first day or the semi-final and final matches, the weekend collection of Tiger 3 has been very low, clearly the reason for which is the World Cup match.

Kat Salman

Picture: Katrina and Salman Khan

Didn’t do anything special on promotion

What Sunny Deol did during ‘Gadar-2’ and Shahrukh Khan during ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Pathan’, Salman Khan could not do for Tiger-3. Yes, before the release of the film, Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan did not promote the film much. Salman and Katrina were seen together on Bigg Boss, although it did not have any significant impact on the film. Let us tell you that before the release of Jawan, Shahrukh Khan was continuously connecting with fans on Twitter. During this time he also did Ask Me sessions. On the other hand, many interviews of Sunny Deol also came out during Gadar-2.

Makers’ wrong decision is costing heavily

The film is released in theaters on Friday, but the makers of Tiger 3 changed it and adopted a new method, which completely failed. According to the strategy of the makers, the film was released on Sunday i.e. Diwali instead of Friday, but the film did as good business as it could on the very first day. That could not happen. The makers were hopeful that they would get the benefit of weekends and festival holidays and the film would earn well. But this plan flopped.

srk salman

Picture: Shahrukh and Salman Khan

Even Shahrukh Khan’s cameo could not help

The whole country knows how much importance Shahrukh and Salman Khan have for each other’s films. Salman Khan did a cameo in Pathan, information about which was conveyed to the fans even before its release. So that there remains excitement among the fans to see their Karan-Arjun. Shahrukh Khan did a cameo in Tiger-3, but the information about it reached the fans only when the film was released in theatres, hence there was neither craze nor the crowd of fans gathered to see the two together, which was expected.

If this had happened, the film would have broken Jawan’s record.

If the makers had released the film on 10th November i.e. Friday, the first weekend itself would have been huge. Because apart from Friday, the audience would have had Saturday and Sunday. Apart from this, the holiday of Bhaidooj could also benefit the film. Which could not happen. Let us tell you that in just 3 days, Jawan had touched the figure of 384 crores worldwide, if Tiger 3 had also been released on November 10, then Tiger and Zoya’s entry could have succeeded in breaking not just one but many records. .

There was no match for India on these two days, so Friday and Saturday were sure to be in the name of Tiger only. Apart from this, Hrithik’s scene was increased in the film at the last moment, but no star was seen in the promotion.