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If you are planning to visit Thailand during New Year holidays. Then you will definitely get the option to travel visa free till March 2024. Still, it is very important for you to know about the forex rate, because it will help you a lot in planning your travel expenses. Your expenditure will not be over budget. Let us tell you what is Forex rate, how does it work and how much benefit do you get from which bank?

To travel abroad or send money to someone abroad, you have to convert rupees into the currency of that country. But its rate is decided according to the exchange price of rupee and dollar. Now if you want to go to Thailand, then the value of your rupee will be measured in dollars. Then you will get Thai currency of equal value to that dollar. However, this process happens automatically, so when you exchange currency, you directly get the currency of Thailand or whichever country you are going to instead of rupees.

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What is the forex exchange rate of banks?

In India, everything from travel aggregators to banks, money changers and many licensed currency traders provide you the facility to exchange currency. However, they charge a fixed charge for exchanging currency. Whenever you want to exchange currency, do it from a licensed or registered place only. Let us now tell what is the exchange rate of which bank…

Bank or travel aggregator when money comes from abroad when money goes abroad travel card rates
SB I 82.52 84.02 84.19
Bank of Baroda 82.83 83.65 84.05
IndusInd Bank 81.76 84.76 85.55
Kotak Bank 81.80 84.71 85.11
HDFC bank 81.97 84.59 84.84
ICICI Bank 81.42 85.07 84.85
Axis Bank 80.91 85.77 86.45
Thomas Cook 81.73 84.62 83.79
Here the amount is shown in rupees, Which is equal to the value in rupees for one dollar,


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