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An adorable dog donned the hat of a teacher to teach his pet dad how to ‘speak dog’. The funny video is viral on the internet.

Updated: November 12, 2023 2:28 PM IST

By Joy Pillai

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Furry Pooch Attempts To Teach Pet Dad ‘Woof Woof’ Language But…

A furry pooch teaches its owner how to ‘speak dog’: Dogs are cherished gifts, often seen as the most precious companions in our lives. They revolve their world around us, always there to brighten our spirits, even if it means doing something silly. Consider the wonder of understanding their language, akin to Doctor Dolittle. A dog attempted to teach its owner the ‘woof woof’ language, creating a viral sensation online and receiving an outpouring of love.

Meet Hugo The Malamute, a furry dog who has donned the hat of a teacher to teach his pet dad how to ‘speak dog’.

Watch Hugo’s Effort to Teach his Owner the Dog Language

The hilarious video was shared on Instagram page dedicate to Hugo. The caption of the video read “Hugo teaches me to speak dog.”

The clip features Hugo and his ‘hooman’ friend seated on the floor, where the furry pooch attempts to teach his pet dad the ‘dog language’. Throughout the video, the dog persistently tries to instruct its human but unfortunately fails. The pooch even expresses its frustration at the pet dad’s inability to learn.

The video was shared on Instagram a few days ago. Since being shared, the clip has garnered over 3.6 million views, and the numbers are only increasing. The hilarious clip has further prompted people to post varied reactions. Some appreciated the dog’s efforts while other just cracked jokes on the funny situation.

Here Are Some Interesting Comments

  • “It seems that Hugo has no patience for this student,” joked an Instagram user.
  • “Are you treat orientated? They might help you learn,” sand the second user.
  • “This made me laugh so hard. You guys have a great relationship!” praised a user.
  • “Love how he just puts his paw right on your chest, like a true buddy,” added the fourth user.
  • “That’s so funny. I did that with my pup Charlie. He got so excited he jumped all over the place,” wrote a fifth.
  • “Hugo is a great teacher,” said a user.
  • “yeah… you got the “RUFF” wrong. Emphasis is on the R,” said another.
  • “His bark is not syncing with yours, needs the right pitch. Repeat and bark,” joked another user.
  • “That last bark was personal like “you know wat fluff you, you not listening,” another commented.
  • “This made me laugh so hard. You guys have a great relationship!,” an instagram user expressed.
  • “you really need to listen what hugo said,” suggested an Instagram user.