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A huge python has wrapped itself around a big Komodo Dragon and both are engaged in a do-or-die battle.

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Python Vs Komodo Dragon: The expression that we use mostly to describe a dangerous and threatening situation is “It’s a jungle out there” and this video shows why. A huge python has wrapped itself around a big Komodo Dragon and both are engaged in a do-or-die battle. A fight to the finish, it’s more than just a struggle, it’s a matter of survival and no one is ready to give up.

Watch The Video Here

The video is shared on X by Brutal Nature @BrutaINature1.

That was a close fight and neither the python nor the dragon was willing to give up and rightly so, because as we said, it’s about survival.

The video has received many comments. Sharing a few with you.

ugly_god @paa___kwesi: Fight for your freedom

Ali M @AliMj_: Who won? Nature is scary

Quentin Dub @quentinw___: So many questions

Nongalo, LindaMkhonto!✊@holanmc: Nature is truly a survival of the fittest

THE BUSINESSGUY @mabkonline: Hmm

Itok @anggitobw_: : i’ll never surrender

Eng.Humphrey gazemba²⁵⁴ @Hgazemba: Typical Chelsea/Man City game.

Omary Kyutta @omary_kyutta: Komodo dragom always is best

Ñåmėlėżż@NamelezzSnr: Can’t be me recording this

Martin @nelmatt_2: Who won?

Qhawe @PhilasandeQhawe:

Weneedmoreme @weneedmoreme: which dino to cheer for? Well….one less apple to be offered

AOHG @AOneHandedGamer: Good fight

ICEE @Donlybigwealth: @arojinle1

King ❤️ Memecoin @Omisakin_: You are busy making video when you should seperate the two brothers fighting

RELENTLESS✊@AleoghoM: @arojinle1 pls we need more detailed analysis of this clash.

Status Quo @Quest_Quell: Survival of the fittest

Dontrell should be smiling but you know….. @DontrellJS: Its crazy to think animals be fighting like this all the time

Hon. Maxi @XimamaMaxwell: Which one of them won?

Chikatam @DaveChikatam: Brutal war

@KeansoLala: They are both reptile and I guess the alligator might be immune to the snake venom if not it won’t have survived it

Pūlupulu @jelemaaya: Lainna dipisahkeun malah divideo

Synthabilly @Synthabilly: Man what a battle. I think the bite force of the Komodo may have finished the snake at the end. Sometimes these snakes just go for the wrong prey

Dario @chanchochino: Which one of them is the doomed?

First son ‍⭐⭐⭐@anwanankak247: Who ki!!Ed who??

Baxtiyor@dusanov_10: Kimdir shu videoni koʻrib nima boʻganini aytib/yozib bersin pls

SulubaneK_kaMashobane @Sulubane_K: We must all fight for our freedom from the conscriptors!

Javier Salinas @JavierS39352966: Pobre viborita, ni las manos metió

ساکا @GM11_Gunner: Where is the rest ?