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Tata Safari competes with Mahindra Scorpio in the Indian market. The major difference between the two cars is the Safari not being offered with a petrol engine. But soon Tata may launch Safari with petrol engine. According to reports, Tata Motors will bring electric Tata Safari along with petrol Safari. Know the details of these two upcoming cars here.

Tata Motors had unveiled the new petrol engine at Auto Expo 2023, whose capacity will be 1.2 litre. It will be introduced with Tata Curve SUV. Apart from this, the company will also bring 1.5 liter petrol engine, which will be updated in Tata Sierra, Safari and Harrier.

Both these engines will meet BS6 2.0 emission norms. These will be designed in such a way that they will be able to run on 20 percent petrol ethanol mixture (E20). According to reports, Tata Safari and Tata Harrier coming with the new petrol engine can be launched in India next year. Whereas the petrol model of Tata Sierra will be launched in the year 2025. The petrol engine of the new Safari will be designed in such a way that its mileage increases. It will also get updates like dual Kim facing, variable oil pump, integrated exhaust with cylinder.

new tata safari engine

The petrol variant of Safari will be provided with 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder TGDi turbo engine. It can generate power of about 170bhp and torque of 280Nm. With this, the option of manual and automatic gearbox will be given. However, the petrol model of the car will have the same design and features as the diesel model.

Electric Tata Safari

According to reports, the electric model of Tata Safari may come in the next few years. It can be launched with a battery pack of about 60kWh, which will give a range of about 500 kilometers once fully charged. It is also being said that the electric Tata Safari will be offered with dual motor and all wheel drive (AWD) setup.

Let us tell you that recently Tata Safari got 5 star safety rating in the crash test of Global NCAP.

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