What did not happen in Salman’s show in 16 years, happened this time, Bigg Boss got cheated! – The Daily Connection

Neil Bhatt and Vicky Image Credit source: Social Media

In the latest episode of Salman Khan’s famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’, Neil Bhatt was called to the therapy room by Bigg Boss. When Bigg Boss asked the ‘Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ actor that you are in the house of the heart, do you get angry with anyone? Taking Vicky’s name, Neil said that their thinking does not match each other. After listening to Neil’s words, Bigg Boss, without taking Vicky’s name, said, “I had said something about such ‘semi-educated’ who think that they know it all.”

Agreeing with Bigg Boss, Neil says, “Till now I have tried to maintain friendship (with Vicky) and he wanted Vicky not to break the bond between them.” Bigg Boss explained to Neil, “If the friendship is true from that side too then I don’t need to say anything, but I have also seen some true friendships in the last season. But here I feel something else.”

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Bigg Boss cheated?

Bigg Boss further said, “I think there was an agreement between you both when we met outside before the show. Am I right?” Neil told Bigg Boss that he himself had said so.” Let us tell you that according to the rule of Bigg Boss, ‘Contestants do not talk to each other before coming home’, this is a cheat. Bigg Boss said that I think Vicky met some people before entering the house and made an agreement that they would live together in the house. He also met you. I think Vicky has bought some stairs to reach the finale. Because the stairs are playing a very good role in helping Vicky. Now it will be interesting to see whether there will be any change in Neil’s game after Bigg Boss’ advice or not.”

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