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Ishwak Singh’s movie scene

OTT has now become a world of its own. The stars here are different. There is demand for them today. Today these are asked. The list is very long. And from this Kohnoor treasure of OTT comes Ishwak Singh who makes a place in the hearts of the fans with his natural entity. Some time back a great film of his was released. There was not much discussion on the film but this film is the essence of the longing, curiosity and simplicity of a mass audience. Let us know what is the story of the film.

In this film of Ishwak Singh, he has played the role of a young man named Gaurav, who is a boy living in a higher middle class family. His father has died and his mother is working. Higher middle class because he lives in a posh area and his family background is also good. But after a certain age everyone has to earn. Such is the criteria to prove oneself worthy in the society. But from time to time people have broken this norm. The wheel of time has turned and people have won over their dreams and their vision. This is the story of one such person, you will not be able to do it.

Ishwak Singh

Ishwak Singh

Gaurav does a job in the film but he is not interested in it. He is troubled by the work culture of private jobs. His only wish is to live a happy life. But this private job was encroaching on his peace. He leaves the job. Gaurav is now unemployed. He has been caught in the shackles of bad circumstances. If he stays at home, he has to listen to his mother’s taunts. Whenever you go out, people ask what you are doing. In such a situation, Gaurav comes up with an idea and starts his own startup. How is this startup and whether it is successful or unsuccessful, you will know only after watching the film.

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how is the acting

Although there are no big names in the film, but many stars who have made their mark as co-actors are playing important roles in it. These include stars like Mahima Makhwana, Gaurav Pandey and Karan Jotwani. But Ishwak Singh has done complete justice with his acting in this film. He has understood the temperament of the character very well and has been seen impressing with his innocence. His film has been directed by Abhishek Sinha and its screenplay has been written by Nitish Tiwari. You can watch the film on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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