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Mannara Chopra, Naved Sol, Abhishek KumarImage Credit source: Social Media

As soon as the contestants arrived in Colors TV’s controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss Season 17’, the ‘Nomination Task’ was announced. In this ‘Nomination Task’, the housemates have nominated actress Mannara Chopra, social media influencer Naved Sol and Abhishek Kumar for eviction from the house. Now which of these three contestants will be out of the house, it will be decided by the people of Bigg Boss i.e. the audience watching this show. However, during this task, Bigg Boss did not give all the 17 players a chance to vote among themselves.

Actually, Bigg Boss asked the contestants living in each room to take the name of one contestant whom they feel was a wrong casting done to join this house. First of all, this question was asked to the contestants living in the ‘Dil’ room. Ankita Lokhande, while answering this question, took the name of Neil Bhatt. So Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya took the name of Mannara Chopra, while Mannara took the name of Isha.

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Munavvar and team targeted Abhishek Kumar

All the contestants in the ‘Dimaag’ room took the name of UK social media influencer Naved Sol. So all the contestants present in the ‘Dum’ room along with Munawwar Farooqui termed Abhishek Kumar as wrong casting. Apart from these three contestants, all the other players were declared safe by Bigg Boss. Mannara was deeply saddened by Vicky Jain’s nomination. So Naved Sol also did not seem happy with his nomination. Some family members said that if everyone had done the nomination task together, Mannara Chopra’s name would not have been included in the nomination.

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